Brivis Evap-Cooler ‘ICEBERG’
in roof installation

Old Brivis 5star HE20 replaced with
new Brivis 5star BX520e & elevated base box

Storage Gas Hot Water Replacement.

Rooftop Package Unit

Braemar splits, stacked condensers.

Evap-Cooling, pitched roof & flat roof application

Gas ducted in roof


Change-over box-type air con.

Evaporative Cooling – Flat roof installation


Comm Set Up


Change Over


Custom External Job




How Not To Install Ducted Heater


How To Flash


Solid Duct




Willson Split-Boxy


Job 13491


Job 13670

Daikin Split System

Commercial gas heater with evap-cooler.
Flat roof application.

Evap-Cooler, flat roof-Side discharge application.

Storage Gas Hot Water Replacement

Gas Instantaneous Hot water Replacement In Lieu Of Old Storage Hot Water Tank

Evap-Cooling, Pitched roof & flat roof duct.

Change-over external heater – restricted access


Lennox gas heater with add-on, roof top application


Evaporative Cooling – Fish’n’Chip shop install with 4 way Plenum


Bentley – Roof Ducted


Job 14218


Job 14105


Job 13927


Job 13729


Job 10559


Job 13175


Job 13663


Job 12722


Job 13046


Job 13190


Job 13310


Job 13396